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Who We Are

I’m Brittani Bo Baker and I come from a long blood line of BBQers, and restaurateurs, so it’s no surprise that I love to cook. Growing up, learning family recipes is what I considered quality time with my family.

My dad former NFLer Al Bubba Baker grew up spending his summers with his Uncle “Daddy Jr’’ in Jacksonville Fl working at Jenkins Quality BBQ restaurants, which are still thriving today. My dad always says he took a break from BBQ to play in the NFL for 13 years. After retiring from the NFL he returned to his passion of BBQ, so he and my mom Sabrina started a catering company from our home. (@Bubbasqfoodtrucks)

My brother James and I used to wake up before school at five o’clock in the morning to “chop and dice”, pull meats fresh from the smoker, and I would help my mom make all of our authentic southern sides. While we were in school, our parents would cater for large corporations. When we got home from school, the dishes were there waiting for us to wash and get ready to do it all over again the next day.

On the weekends when we weren’t catering, we were setting up big barrel barbecue grills on the side of the road in my hometown selling slow smoked barbecue dinners to the passer byers reeled in by the smoke clouds and irresistible smell. If we weren’t grilling out we were demoing our barbecue sauces in grocery stores.

In 2006, my parents opened their restaurant, where I worked every position over a period of 15 years, learning all the ins and outs of BBQ. In 2019, they closed their restaurant, but the passion for the business that my family and I started from home had been embedded deep in my soul, so as a next generation visionary I started a food truck called Bubba’s-Q Food Trucks in Tampa Fl.

The Bubba’s-Q Food Truck menu is centered around our Patented Boneless Ribs that my dad and I pitched on Shark Tank, where we struck a deal with one of the sharks.

This cookbook is a tribute to my family, the people that helped me develop my passion for cooking. 

The more I cooked the more I began to venture outside of just the BBQ realm, I often called my Grammaw to ask her what she uses to season certain dishes. I called her so much that I finally asked her if she would want to be my partner in creating a Gourmet line of seasonings, and I was so shocked when she agreed. Together we created Grammaw Knows Gourmet Seasonings.

I can remember the first BBQ Sauce, and dry rub my dad showed me how to make, and he always encouraged me to be creative with my recipes. When I got older and started traveling more I fell in love with the bold carribean flavors, so I created my Carribean Flare BBQ Sauce and dry rub. With hints of all spice, and ginger.

This summer I had the opportunity to compete on Food Networks BBQ Brawl. So, I included some recipes from the show in this cookbook. This cookbook also features recipes from a cooking segment that my dad and I do on YouTube called The Bubba and Bo Cooking Show.

I hope you enjoy the recipes in this cookbook with the people that you love.


Brittani Bo Baker