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Who we are

I’m Brittani Bo Baker a Business consultant specializing in Food Truck/restaurant startups, and product development. I grew up in the restaurant business, after my dad former NFLer Al Bubba Baker retired from football, he and my mom started a catering business from home. I had to wake up at 5am to rub meats, load the smoker, and help prepare the side dishes. While I was in school my parents would be out catering, after school the dishes were there waiting to be washed, and get ready to do it all over again the next day. When my family wasn't catering, we were setting up barrel grills on the street corners selling dinners to the people that were reeled in by the smoke. If we weren't doing that, we were demoing our BBQ sauces in grocery stores. 

In 2006 My parents opened a restaurant where I worked every position over a 15 year period, it was during this time that I learned many of the challenges that entrepreneurs face, but more importantly I learned hands on how to tackle these challenges.


  • Finding and retaining quality staff
  • Mitigating rising food costs
  • Controlling growing operational costs
  • Reaching new customers
  • Profit and Loss 

    One of those challenges being, "How to stand out against your competition". You do this by creating an economic moat: A product or service that is unique and will give you an advantage over your competition.

    In 2007 my dad and I Co-Invented the Patent Boneless Baby Back Ribs, which we pitched on Shark Tank and struck a deal with on of the Sharks.

    Product Development and partnerships come with new challenges, but with the right entrepreneur mindset you will learn that "There is a solution to every challenge, you just have to be willing to work hard enough to figure it out" 

    When my parents, decided to close our restaurant after 15 years to focus on the retail sales of our Boneless Ribs, the passion for my families brand, and BBQ Legacy had been embedded in my heart and soul, so I started Bubba's-Q Food Trucks. Having a food truck lead me to create a line of gourmet seasonings, sauces, and cookbooks.

    In 2021 I had the opportunity to compete on Food Networks BBQ Brawl. After appearing on the show, I received an overwhelming amount of messages from people asking how they too could achieve their ultimate goals of food truck ownership. This lead me to creating BBQ Consulting (Brittani Bakers Quality Consulting) 

    I help people start and successfully scale in the Food Truck/ restaurant industry and develop their products for retail sales. I teach people How To:

    Create a Plan of Action 

    Form a company

    Create a business plan and projections

    Find and create their economic moat

    Develop their menu and pricing

    Find a food truck

    Find and prepare for food truck/ restaurant events

    Create standard operational procedures

    Create and market retail items (sauces, seasonings, cookbooks, t-shirts) 

    Get permitted for your county and more

    Create Attention grabbing press releases 


    Also Available 

    Help setting up Pitch Competitions 
    Growing up in the food industry I learned so much about the ins and outs of owning your own restaurant/ food truck business, I am happy to share my experiences with others to help you achieve your dreams of restaurant/food truck ownership. Lets discuss how I can help you achieve your ultimate goals of starting or scaling your food truck business. Get started today by booking your 1 on 1 consult call.  



    Brittani Bo Baker