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Food Is Family, Food is Fun, Food is Love - Brittani Bo Baker

I'm Brittani Bo Baker & I was born into a family passionate about food. My dad is former NFL Great Al Bubba Baker. I had my first job in my parents restaurant, Bubba's-Q, when I was 8 years old answering phones and seating guests. When I was old enough to stay home alone, if I wasn't at the restaurant with them, I was at home with my baby brother, James. I remember one of the first things my dad showed me how to make was baked chicken in foil packets. He always encouraged me to use different herbs and spices and get creative with my seasonings. I would mix any and everything together. I learned the hard way not to go heavy on the cayenne pepper or salt.

When I was in Jr. High, my parents closed the restaurant and we catered from home. This is when my mom taught me how to make all of our family secret southern sides, from scratch & when I say scratch I meannnn scra scratchhh. I peeled and sliced the potatoes, shredded cheese by the block, chopped and diced onions and peppers, etc. My friends knew if they wanted me to come out with them, they had to help me "chop and dice". Thanks to Kerry, Erin, Ashley, Meg & Trista for always helping me "chop and dice". I would then make the side dishes the next morning at 5am before school.

In 2006 my parents opened a new restaurant in Avon Ohio called Bubba's-Q. My dad and I are partners in our patented product called Bubba's Boneless Ribs, this is an actual slab of slow smoked ribs with NO bones it is NOT reshaped or reformed. It's fully cooked, seasoned, and sauced when you get them home all you have to do is heat em and eat em. In 2013 we pitched our patented product to the sharks on ABC's hit show Shark Tank where we struck a deal with branding expert Daymond John. I can't say enough how God truly exceeded my expectations when he blessed me with this partnership.

All though I come from generations of BBQ restauranteurs, I don't limit my cooking to one cuisine. I loveeee love love seafood, especially Lobster. I love seafood baked, broiled, blackened poached fried. Any way you can prepare seafood, i'll do it.

The older I got the more I started cooking, & I realized how often I would call my Grammaw to ask her what seasonings she put in certain recipes. My Grammaw Annabelle was born in Selma, Alabama and her recipes always have an unforgettably delicious flavor.  I asked her if she would mind if I bottled her seasonings to share with the world and she said "That's fine, there is only one problem, I NEVER measure my seasonings, I just season as I go." So together she would cook and I would write down her recipes. That's how we created this gourmet line of seasoning. All of our seasoning are made with the highest quality ingredients, they are ground fresh, all natural, and non irrigated. The Grammaw Knows products are formulated and approved by my Grammaw. I hope with this line you create delicious recipes, and more importantly great memories in the kitchen with your friends and family like I have with me and my family.

With Love, Brittani Bo Baker





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