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Brittani Bo Baker is an experienced chef and the She.E.O of BBQ Consulting. She is the Co Inventor of Bubba's Boneless Ribs as seen on Shark Tank

Brittani Bo is an experienced chef, and the Co Inventor of the Patented Bubbas Boneless Ribs as seen on Shark Tank. Brittani owned & operated her food truck business for years, she has been seen on Shark Tank, Food Networks BBQ Brawl, QVC, Fox, and Good Morning America, she is the daughter of former NFLer Al Bubba Baker. Brittani is blazing her own trail as she carries on her families BBQ legacy. Brittani is dedicated to helping other people achieve their goals of food truck ownership, she is in the process of launching +The FoodTure Fund+ A fund dedicated to helping people from socially and economically disadvantaged communities start their own food truck business.

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