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Fruity Que Bundle
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Fruity Que Bundle

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In this Bundle you will receive one of each:


Brittani Bo Baker's Fruity Que

This spice blend is inspired by my family, travels over the years, and was created in a BBQ Cooking competition I took part in. It is mix of my favorite BBQ seasonings including hints of smoked orange zest. It goes great on any and everything. Use it as a rub before grilling, smoking or baking, or sprinkle it on any dish for a delicious finishing touch. 

Brittani Bo Baker's Fruity Que BBQ Sauce

Growing up quality time for me was spent cooking with my family. My dad former NFLer and BBQ Pitmaster Al Bubba Baker showed me many different bases for sauces, but he always encouraged me to be creative with my creations. This sauce is inspired by a cooking competition that I took part in. Smoked fruits are the star of this sauce it’s uniquely delicious and goes great on just about anything: Grilled, smoked, or baked veggies, meats and fish. 

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