Philanthropy – BubbasQ Food Trucks


I have always been passionate about helping the homeless and less fortunate. I remember seeing people outside of our restaurant when it was located in Cleveland, going through the trash. I'd always ask my parents if I could give them a plate, they would always let me. In 2006 I started boxing up individual plates of the leftover food from the restaurant nightly. I'd drive it downtown and hand deliver it to the homeless people on the streets.

I currently Serve on the board of LMM social enterprise. This is a program that provides work experience and short term training in the culinary arts field to former homeless and less fortunate men and women. This program also helps them find and keep jobs. For more information about this program please visit their website:

I also regularly host holiday dinners for the homeless and less fortunate at my families restaurant Bubba's-Q in Avon Ohio.


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