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Different Dinners with my Daughter

Do you have a hard time coming up with dinner ideas for your picky little eaters? Subscribe to my YouTube channel Brittani Bo Cooks for "Different Dinners With My Daughter"©. I share ideas and recipes that I make with my 9 year old daughter Priscilla. For my self I prefer low carb low fat recipes, my daughter loves kid friendly recipes like pizza, tacos and lasagna. I assist her as she makes her pizzas with dough and I'll make a low carb option with eggplants instead. She'll make tacos with the shells and I'll substitute my shell for butter lettuce wraps. We've made lasagna, where she uses regular lasagna noodles and I used zucchini, the list goes on. Check it out, I hope we give you all some ideas to make with your picky little eaters.