Recipes for Success starting a new product

Are you THINKING about starting a new product or service? What’s stopping you? Go for it I hope this post is the sign you need to move forward.

There is a lot that goes into starting a new product or service but the first thing you need to do is ACT on those thoughts and Ideas especially if it’s something no one else is doing. You will need a business plan, this will help you create a plan and think about your business goals. Business plans include a business summary, market analysis, your competition, sales and marketing plan, operating plan, and marketing plans.
You will need vision where do you see yourself going with this product and how do you see it helping make otheir peoples lives better or easier?
I always include faith in everything I do, you have to believe this product will be the best or what’s the point of starting it? You will need confidence, because there will ALWAYS be people that try to talk you out of your ideas (for whatever reason) so you have to believe in your product with all your heart 💖 strong work ethic, there will be many challenges and set backs you have to learn to be a problem solver get rid of all excuses and find a solution for EVERY problem. You have to do research and development to find out how to make your product the best in its category, why is it needed and who it will be great for. Give samples to some people to test out and get their direct feedback: Find out what changes they would like to see in order for them to become a future customer. You will need a product timeline ( business goals with dates assigned to them for your product sales and development/) You will also need product labels and designs something that will stand out and grab your customers attention. Most importantly out of all of the ingredients I’ve listed for this recipe to success you will need Grind, no certain amount at any certain time you just have to grind out put in work when ever you can set your eye on the prize don’t give up and don’t wait. Get started now 💖

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