Recipes for Success Applying on Shark Tank

If I had $1.00 for every person that said I wanted to apply for shark tank, Im thinking about applying for shark tank, and I want to apply for Shark Tank, Id have millions of dollars.
My answer to that comment is always the Same, DO IT!! This is why my first ingredient in this recipe for success is Apply for Shark Tank You can apply online here ( and find open casting calls. This recipe also calls for Risk Taking, all of those doubts that pop up in your mind and have been stopping you in the first place (The negative thoughts and doubters you must remove and ignore those). You will need a strong product, something either brand new that the world will benefit from or something that solves a problem better than something else thats already out there. In our case it was our Patented Boneless Ribs, my dad Al Bubba Baker and I knew the world would benefit from being able to enjoy actual slow smoked ribs with the bones removed because we’d watched people do it over and over again, they'd pick around the bones because they didn't want to pick them up and get messy, either in front of a first date, a long term relationship, or kids that didn't like messy fingers, older people that don't want to risk losing teeth or even the people that just don't like the idea of chomping on bones. This is called a beta test, we received honest feed back from people that tried our product for the first time and loved it. We also looked at the sales history and we noticed that our patented boneless ribs began to out sell Americas favorite Ribs The Bone- In Baby Back Ribs 4-1. We had a vision for the product, our vision was and still is to share this product with America so they can enjoy Ribs with a knife and a fork “No Mess No Fuss”. To take any product to the next level and the Shark Tank Level You need a body filled with Confidence and thick skin, because if you don't you will believe the doubters and naysayers when they tell you in our case “No one wants ribs with the bones removed” “I like the bones” or “Do you really think you'll get on Shark tank? Your chances are like 1 in a million.” Do not believe those things or any negative comments people speak about your product, dreams and vision. God gave the vision to you and not them for a reason. This is where the Faith comes in, set your eyes on your prize and don't give up until you reach YOUR goals, no matter what type of distractions you run into and no matter what negative input any one offers you. You will need a strong business plan (even if you've already been operating your business), this will help you think about the potential questions the producers and potentially Sharks will ask, even if you think you have all of your bases covered still write it out and create a business plan. You can never be over prepared. Know all the details of your business: how long have you been selling, what are your profits? Net sales and gross sales? Applying to be on shark Tank is a long process with a lot of paperwork that must be completed throughly and in a timely manner which is where the sleepless nights come in (but they are all worth it on a journey to fulfill your dreams and take your product or service to the next level. I can not guarantee you will have the results my dad and I were blessed to have (partnering with Daymond John and selling our product throughout the US) but what I can tell you is that if you don't try, you'll never know and you'll always ask yourself What if?

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