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Brittani Bo Baker's Extra Cheesy Mac N Cheese

Food is my families’ love language, growing up we catered from home before my dad former NFLer Al Bubba Baker and my mom Sabrina decided to open a restaurant.

They were always very busy, so quality time for me was spent learning recipes with my family and helping them with the preparation of catering orders.

My parents always encouraged me to be creative, so I have created some of my own recipes from those passed down to me from generations past.

This Mac n cheese recipe has been passed down from generation, but I put my own little spin on it with the extra layer of creamy Velveeta and my Fruity Que All Purpose seasonings that are available online at Bubba's Q Food Trucks.

My family is so serious about our Mac N Cheese that for the holidays, that we literally have 3-4 different Mac N cheeses on the table at the same time. I love that.

My Grammaw makes hers with different milks and cheeses (she won’t let me share her recipe), my mom puts diced green peppers and onions in hers, my dad likes to make a seafood Mac n cheese, and I make my extra cheesy and creamy Mac and Cheese recipe that I'm sharing with you today.

Just like my parents encouraged me to be creative with recipes growing up, I encourage you to do the same, and please share your Mac n cheese pictures with me on social media, #Bubbasqfoodtrucks.



1. Preheat oven to 425

2. In baking dish, start with a layer of noodles

3. In a mixing bowl, combine Extra Sharp Cheddar and 4 cheese blends

4. Sprinkle noodles with a layer of cheese.

5. Top cheese with a layer of noodles.


6. Cut Velveeta into 8 or 9 1/2 in slices and lay them across this layer of noodles

7. Top Velveeta with a layer of noodles

8. Cover the last layer of noodles with shredded cheese


9. In a mixing bowl combine milk, Brittani Bo Bakers Fruity Que, eggs, and whisk together.

10. Pour mixture over Mac n cheese evenly, careful not to let the milk mix overflow

11. Cover with foil

12. Place on cookie sheet or another oven safe pan in case anything boils over


13. Bake for 40 mins covered, or until the milk/egg mixture has firmed up.
14. Remove from oven, uncover top with another layer of shredded cheese, and place back in the oven for 15-20 mins until the top layer is golden brown to your liking.


15. Remove from oven, cut into squares and enjoy.

This baked Brittani Bo Bakers Extra Cheesy Mac N Cheese with my Fruity Que All Purpose seasoning is perfect for any occasion, or as a side for family dinner.

It’s a huge crowd pleaser at potlucks, parties, family gatherings, or any time you need an impressive side dish to bring along. The creamy, cheesy goodness in this baked mac and cheese dish will not disappoint.

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s no better time to give this mac n cheese recipe a try.  It’s very likely that you’ll be putting this one in your recipe box.

Get creative and get started making this recipe, and feel free to add your own personal touches like I did. The sky is the limit. Well, almost.

You do want to make sure you're complementing the macaroni and cheese dish with spices and ingredients that will enhance the flavor, not take away from it.
Being creative often means experimenting. It’s okay to make some mistakes because that’s how you learn to bring better meals and sides to your table at the holidays or any day.

I hope you will share your pictures with me when you make this recipe on my social media. You will find us on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #Bubbasqfoodtrucks. Don't forget the 'q'!

I would love to see your Brittani Bo Bakers Extra Cheesy Mac N Cheese creation.
Don’t forget to check out our website, Bubba's Q Food Trucks online to find out more about me and my family, and shop on our store with BBQ sauces, spices, and let's not forget my Brittani Bo Baker's Simple Southern Cookbook.

I love making and eating this Brittani Bo Bakers Extra Cheesy Mac N Cheese, and I think you’ll love this mac n cheese too. It’s a southern mac and cheese with my own personal touch.

So, let’s get started!



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