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Brittani Bo Baker's Citrus Rubbed Pan Seared Salmon

Whether you like salmon or not, I think you will love my Brittani Bo Baker Citrus Rubbed Pan Seared Salmon recipe. For people who aren’t big fans of salmon, the citrus in this recipe gives it a more palatable taste for pickier eaters.

Something else  that makes this salmon recipe unique is my own dry rub, Brittani Bo Baker's Fruity Que dry rub. My dry rub already features some hints of smoked orange zest, so you won't need to add orange zest unless you just want to for this recipe.

I love salmon, it's a quick and delicious staple in my family. I like to buy the whole fillets, and prepare enough for the whole week. 

Also, I’m a busy mom, so I also understand the importance of having handy recipes in my collection that save me time and energy. This citrus rubbed pan seared salmon dish will fit nicely into your quick and easy recipe collection.

An added perk is that you can warm up the leftovers the next day for lunch or dinner, serve it with sautéed veggies, add it to a salad or make Salmon Croquettes with them. If there are any leftovers. 


Place salmon fillets in a bowl, and squeeze the juice of one lime, one lemon, and one orange over the fillets.

Toss salmon well in citrus juices, remove from bowl and pat dry.
Season both sides heavily with Brittani Bo Bakers Fruity Que dry rub

Place a cast iron skillet on stove top and add enough olive oil to lightly cover the bottom of the skillet.

Heat on Medium, when the oil is hot add salmon and let cook for about 5 mins without moving it (do not overcrowd skillet, if all 4 fillets do not fit without over lapping cook in 2 batches)

Flip salmon fillets with tongs and cook the other side for about 5 mins, add lemon lime and orange slices to the pan.

Depending on your desired temperature, you may need to finish your salmon in the oven I prefer mine medium well (135 degrees F internal temp) and I like to pull the extra 2 fillets at medium (125 degrees F internal temp) so I can reheat them the next day without over-cooking them, and use it in other recipes.

If you like your salmon well done, you can place the entire skillet in the oven on 400 for another 5-7 mins or until it reaches an internal temp of 145

Remove from pan, plate up your salmon and garnish with lemon lime and orange. (Squeeze the juices on top of each piece) 



This recipe isn’t time-consuming, but it will taste like it took you a lot of time. Yes. It’s that good. This is the kind of recipe that your family and friends will be asking you to share. Whether you share it with them or not is totally up to you. 

Regardless of how simple this recipe seems, your family and friends will think you’re a gourmet chef when they dig into this pan-seared salmon. Even if you’re not looking to impress anyone, this recipe is sure to please at the dinner table. 

However, you can use the leftovers for lunch the next day or dinner, depending on how many people you’re feeding. You may find yourself wanting to have it for lunch alone to savor the flavors and texture.

Baking in an oven-ready skillet takes only about 5-7 minutes. Preparation should only take about 5-10 minutes. So, you can have it table ready in less than 30 minutes. If your life is as busy as mine, having recipes in your collection that take less than 30 minutes to make is important.

Please be sure to take a look around at our website, Bubba Q's Food Trucks. You will learn more about my family, and find some great recipes and BBQ sauces, dry rubs, and other seasonings that will be great for your recipes.

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